Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Meeting Physical Needs

Are we remembering to meet children's physical needs to prevent behaviour issues?

Babies and toddlers can't easily communicate their physical needs. Sometimes we're not as tuned in as we should be and we don't make the connection between how children are feeling and how they are behaving.
Today was a predicted 27 degrees outside, and inside the children's bags I found beanies, long-sleeved bodysuits, jumpers and jackets. Children can get overheated easily. I recently saw a toddler outside in the playground red-faced, and pushing and hitting other children. It didn't occur to anyone that she might be too hot. I got a cup of water and she turned into a different child. Today a child bit another child. I'd bite someone too if I was wearing a jumper on a 27 degree day.
Before you tell a child off for negative behaviour stop and think for a minute whether they have any physical needs that need to be addressed. Are they tired, hungry, thirsty, frustrated, cold, hot, wet, teething, feeling unwell etc.?
This goes for older children too. Sometimes they are shy or too intimidated by adults to ask to have their needs met. We need to ask them if they're okay. We like to feel comfortable and we meet our own needs to make sure that we usually are. Children want to feel comfortable too but they rely on us.

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  1. Definitely something to ponder. It amazes me that the children are still coming in wearing long sleeves and tracksuit pants! Lots and lots of water play happening here!! :)